Episode 108: Talking About Race One Kid’s Book at a Time with Mijha Godfrey

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Meet, Mijha!

Mijha Godfrey is married to her loving husband and together they have 3 daughters who are 8, 5, and 6 months old and currently reside in Atlanta, GA.

Mijha was an attorney and stayed in that job until she moved into the affordable housing development industry which then took her career to being a finance director on a statewide campaign.

She is now living her passion and is the founder of Jambo Books! Jambo Books is a subscription book company that sends their subscribers two to three books each month that star a child of color as the protagonist of all of the stories and the stories all fiction.

Mijha firmly believes that books are an easy first step to teach and learn from and exactly why her family uses them so often. 

Coming from a long line of teachers, mothers, grandmothers, uncles, great grandmother’s who all taught her the importance of early reading. 

Jambo was created in hopes that these books would be in family’s libraries all over the world.

Mijha feels strongly that, of course, we should support our local libraries, but what we store in our home libraries make a statement to our children.

She explains the importance of having books with children of all ages and colors and says “I think that that’s an important part as well, to have characters that might not look like everyone else who lives in your household, to be in those books and to have that relationship.”

The name Jambo means hello, and the main purpose behind these books is to strike conversations that may not normally take place, but by bringing these stories into the household we are teaching our children what truly is important!

We have to work hard as parents to make sure that our kids understand that everyone has value.

One thing we can do with our privilege is share it.

Mijha explains this so beautifully with these examples:

“If a new kid comes into the class, we don’t make that kid sit outside the circle. Everybody comes over and you let the kid slide in, and the circle only grows bigger. No one’s lost anything. No one’s got worse for it.”

“Invite a parent to be a part of a PTA committee. That’s not the Diversity Committee. And that’s how we scoot over and just make room for more people at the tables where we sit. 

“Lastly, I would just say, honestly, as parents, we have to learn the history so that we can share it in a way that makes sense.”

I think we take two steps forward, one back, but you still have that one forward. So I’m so ever hopeful.

Mijha’s best piece of mom advice is BE NICE to yourself! “I swear you are doing enough, and I swear your kids are wonderful!”

You can find Mijha and her fabulous Jambo books at www.jambobooks.com as well as on Instagram @jambobooks.

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