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Episode 76: Be the Boss of Your Family with Kate Crocco

March 10, 2020

Mom of two and psychotherapist, Kate Crocco, is on the show to share her extensive work and knowledge when it comes to mindset and teaching confidence to women. She’s passionate about helping women think like a boss and step into who they want to be in life and within their family unit! She’s recently written […]

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Mom of two and psychotherapist, Kate Crocco, is on the show to share her extensive work and knowledge when it comes to mindset and teaching confidence to women. She’s passionate about helping women think like a boss and step into who they want to be in life and within their family unit! She’s recently written a book, Thinking Like a Boss, where she busts these lies for women and helps guide them to a path of living the life they want and deserve.

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Meet the Boss Herself…Kate!

Limiting Beliefs

Any lie you tell yourself that stops you from taking action. I’m a terrible mom. I can’t be a mom and run my business. I’m not enough. I don’t have enough time. I’m not experienced enough. Someones already done it. Sound familiar?

We all have experienced these limiting beliefs every now and then. I’m guilty of this too. The big one I deal with is who am I to think I can do this? I have BIG goals. Like giant dreams. But there can sometimes be that little voice in my head about wondering who the hell I am to have the audacity to think those things are going to come true. I am generally a confident person, but the comparison game can be really hard to fall into!

Working on that self confidence, patience and acceptance that we are all in our own race is crucial to busting this limiting belief.

I Don’t Have Time

This is one of the biggest limiting beliefs we deal with as a mom.

Biggest question to ask yourself if this is you- do you really not have the actual time or is it just not a priority for you right now? You know it’s okay that it’s not a priority yet, right? When it is a priority, I promise that time appears. You crave that time spent working or doing the thing you are passionate about and excited about, that you do anything to make the time. So if you don’t have that spark right now…or desire to choose something other than the regular day to day or shows at night, you just haven’t found your thing yet and that’s okay!

Setting boundaries is crucial. We need to make smart decisions when it comes to using our time as an excuse. If it’s not a priority or you don’t want to do something, just be honest. Don’t use time as the excuse.

What would things be like if we were just honest about how we wanted to spend out time? No. It’s easy to say- try it, NO! I wish more people were honest and would just say they didn’t want to do something, or not for me, or not interested in something anymore because it gives us the freedom to also be honest and actually prioritize what we really want in our life at that moment.

Should we try it together? What’s ONE thing you can say no to that’s causing you stress and taking your time away from something you’d rather be doing?

Being Confident in Making Big Decisions

We get stuck in the what ifs. What if I make the wrong decision? Yep. Oh well! Mistakes happen, we’re going to mess up, but at least we tried something! So the key is the just jump- make the decision and go. If it doesn’t go as planned, you then make a new plan.

“This or something better!” LOVED this mantra from Kate!

A lot of times we stress ourselves out about big decisions and weighing the pros and cons when we already know the decision at the end. Most times in our gut we know what we’re doing.

That search for external validation is strong, and caring what others think is often at the forefront. Do we really need that permission? Or can we actually make these decisions on our own? We know what’s best for us, and we need to trust that gut or else that usually leads to us listening to someone else and making the wrong decision.

Kate’s Decision Making Tool

Kate’s foolproof decision making tool! She says it has never steered her wrong, so I’m so excited for you guys to hear and try it out!

Take a piece of paper and fold it in half, then half again so you have 4 squares.

Top left corner: Pros of doing the thing

Top right corner: Cons of doing the thing

Bottom left corner: Pros of NOT doing the thing

Bottom right corner: Cons of NOT doing the thing

Fill in your squares- get all the thinking OUT of your head. Look at your bird’s eye view of all your options. Usually when you look at the page, your answer will pop out. It makes it easier for you to see what you need to do.

If money wasn’t an issue, what would you decide? Time? If you felt more ready? If you didn’t care what others thought? Ask yourself these questions about your decision to see if this helps make your answer more clear.

Genius visual tool to use for your kids to help them with decision making also!

Fear of Success

Surprising, this holds SO many women back. How would my life change if I went for something more? If I can barely hang onto my life as is, how can I add something more like a business, hobby, book club or going back to work?

This is a chance to up level. And what this usually leads to is using those extra resources to get help. You learn to outsource and ask and actually accept help and new routines.

It’s funny Kate brought this up as a common lie we tell ourselves because it’s something I’ve been dealing with lately in my own life. The fear of success taking me away from my family even more, travel, time, resources, etc. This is so real so I love that she shared it today!



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