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Episode 61: How to Survive Party Day with These Time-Saving Tips

November 6, 2019

Ahh…the question I get asked multiple times a week and the number one stressor identified when moms are joining my Facebook group, Memories in Moments Insiders! Let’s talking about how to organize time on party day so you aren’t running around like a maniac! What a gift that would be! I kind of feel like […]

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Ahh…the question I get asked multiple times a week and the number one stressor identified when moms are joining my Facebook group, Memories in Moments Insiders! Let’s talking about how to organize time on party day so you aren’t running around like a maniac! What a gift that would be!

I kind of feel like this is the million dollar question when it comes to party planning, and is the thing I struggle with the most, BUT I do have some tips that make party day a lot more smooth sailing so you can enjoy the day!

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How Can I Make Party Day Less Stressful?

One of my goals when I’m helping moms with their parties is to have them close the door after that first guest with a smile and full heart…rather an sink into the couch in pure exhaustion. I’ve done and experienced both so lets just say, the smile feels a lot better!

So how do we make sure we can enjoy the day?

It actually starts a month to 6 weeks before party day!

The stress of the day of happens when we leave everything to the day of. When you sprinkle the work throughout the weeks leading up, you are ultimately freeing up party day.

Every plan I create comes with a crazy detailed checklist thats organized 6 weeks before party day. The jobs are specific for that party’s theme, but I create a general checklist with the same jobs and tasks to check off for you to download totally free as a resource to go along with this show!

Download Your Free Ultimate Party Planning Checklist below and you’ll be ready to roll!

DIY Party checklist and party plans for when you want to plan the perfect party, but don’t have the time to source it. DIY party plans, checklists, ideas to plan your next perfect birthday or holiday party all found at Themed Party Planning Guides and Checklists for Hosting a Stress-Free but Memorable Party!

You can use this at every holiday and party celebration you have, or if you get a party plan from me, you’ll get one designed to match your theme and ideas in the plan exactly!

Time-Saving Tip #1

Start early. You know the date of your party…or the fact that it’s coming u at least. Use that date to your advantage and do a little bit of work at a time leading up to party day! Plan ahead and break down your tasks so you do a little bit of prep at a time. This saves you more time on party day because things are ready to go- either be hung and set up on party day or transferred easily to a venue.

Time-Saving Tip #2

Outsource something that doesn’t give you joy.

Please repeat after me, like for real, because this is a good life lesson to have on repeat…”you do not have to do it all.”

New mom Allison with one year old Evie needed to hear this and actually listen when it came to her first birthday. I did every dang thing for that party and I was a miserable basket case crying in the laundry room. One of my biggest mom guilt moments of my life is that I don’t look back at Evie’s first birthday as a fun and special day. There were definitely things I loved so much and will cherish forever, but overall…I did it all and it was a sink in the couch and cry from exhaustion type of day. 

For me? Baking is the first thing that gets outsourced. For you? It might be hosting at a venue or only inviting a handful of kids. Celebrations are supposed to be fun…if something is causes you stress and making you hate your life…outsource or cut it loose!

My 10 Best Time-Saving Pieces of Advice I’ve Learned Over Years of Planning and Hosting Parties

  1. Do not leave your house on party day. Someone else can pick up balloons, cake, food, etc. That doesn’t need to be a job for you. Ask your girlfriend to stop for ice on the way or make your partner go out. You stay and get things done. 
  2. Set up any major area of focus like dessert table, table setting or food the day before and take a picture of it. I do this for 2 reasons- first, the thinking is done and I’m not spending my time tinkering and trying to decide how I want my table to look day of. The second reason I do this is because I can show that picture to someone else- my husband, friend or mom and they can help set it up following what I did in the pic. Then I know it’s how I want it to look, but I don’t need to be the one doing it. 
  3. Pass along any “easy” chore- cutting fruit, making sandwiches, etc. When someone offers you help, you take it. Remember, our rule? “You do not have to do it all” There is no mommy judge watching you docking points off your life for delegating watermelon slices to your mother in law. 
  4. Bring your vases with you to the flower shop- I usually get flowers at Farmers Markets because they’re cheaper, but they will arrange in the vases for you vs just wrapping it in the paper, and you can build your own and get exactly what you want!
  5. Tackle to big areas first. This usually means the dessert table for most mamas!
  6. Give your kids a job. There is a lot going on, they want to help but you don’t want them to…so give them a job to make it feel like they’re helping. Have them unwrap the paper plates and cups that are in that plastic, have them practice as activity (if its not messy) or have them be the garbage collector/picker upper- the older they get the easier this is but Evie now can hold things for me- like if I’m hanging a garland, she can hold one side or help lay plates/napkins out
  7. Don’t cook anything new…or cook anything if you can help it- grill, crockpot, make ahead foods- all your friend on party day
  8. Its okay if you are still setting up food when guests arrive- you don’t want food sitting out for a long time anyway
  9. Set a timer on your phone to remind you to get ready and put deodorant on- you’ll thank me, I promise
  10. After you get ready, you immediately come downstairs and take pics- take a family pic and at least one picture of your kid by their cake or some other important element and also your favorite piece of decor you want to remember- you worked hard on this party, document it!

You’re ready to roll, mama! How do you feel now? Better? Find some new tips to implement before your next party? Which one resonated with you the most? I’ve love to know in the comments below OR screenshot this episode and share it on your stories and tag me @allisoncartercelebrates!

You’ve got this, friend. And if you need a little extra help…grab a party plan, which is the ultimate time-saving hack when it comes to planning and hosting your next party!




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Allison Carter shares her best time-saving tips when it comes to party planning and how to have a smooth and enjoyable party day on this Memories in Moments podcast episode

Download your Time-Saving Ultimate Party Planning Checklist Below!

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