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Episode 71: 5 Easy Valentine’s Day Family Date Night Ideas

February 5, 2020

One of my favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to have a fun, easy going but memorable date night in at home. I turn the volume up on a night in at home with the family, elevating it just a little bit, and I love these 5 easy ideas for memorable Valentine date night […]

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One of my favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to have a fun, easy going but memorable date night in at home. I turn the volume up on a night in at home with the family, elevating it just a little bit, and I love these 5 easy ideas for memorable Valentine date night this year! Total hits that all ages will enjoy and hopefully one will become your family’s new favorite Valentine tradition!

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Alright, so Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year. That means they’re coming home all sugar highed, exhausted and all they want to do is tear through their Valentine’s bags and look at the cards and candy they got from friends. To me, that’s enough entertainment for one night. They don’t need some big family date night on top of it, and chances are if I do it, it’ll be a bust because they’re tired.

My plan is to have an easy dinner on Friday, chances are we’ll do heart shaped pizza, and then on Saturday, we will do a fun family date night with my Valentines Memories in Moments: Unwrapped box and one of these fun ideas below! It’ll be a night where I spend a little more time making things a little more memorable and magical. It’s my time to turn the volume up and I take advantage of the space and time I have on a day where we don’t have a bunch of other commitments to slow down, be present, and enjoy celebrating with my 3 valentines!
Family Game Night

5 Valentine’s Day Family Date Night Ideas

Family Game Night

The Carters are some game lovers, let me tell you! We LOVE a good game night! I’ll add links to purchase some of our favorites below! Pick some of your favorite family games, or gift your littles with some new ones as a Valentines Day gift, and PLAY. Phones away, quality time, reconnection and fun. That’s the goal!

Couple ways to stop potential drama: have each family member pick their own game to bring to game night, and no one else is allowed to make any comments. Also, rotate who goes first so everyone gets a chance! A few convos about kindness reminders may be necessary!

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Our Favorite Family Games:

Silly Street (check out the episode with the moms behind creating our favorite game here!)



Uno (we have Frozen 2 Uno, but there are LOTS of different ones out there!)


Princess Cupcake Game

Family Hearts Game: an exclusive board game created by me that was included in 2020’s Valentine’s Day Memories in Moments: Unwrapped box!

Cooking/Baking Competition

My kids have been super into helping out in the kitchen lately. Being involved in meal planning, helping make food or wanting to bake. It would be SO fun to have a kitchen competition for a family date night!

Break up into teams and each take over part of the meal! One team is on dinner, one on dessert, one on appetizers, or however you break it up! Together, find a recipe and get cooking!

When you’re finished and it’s meal time, present your meal with a fun reveal! So fancy!

Depending on the age of your kids, you could also have a Chopped style competition at home. Give each team a box of ingredients and see what they come up with.

Still do the reveal at the end of the night though because…it’s just fun and makes it more special! ?

Talent Show/Art Show

Anyone else’s kids obsessed with putting on shows? Kids just want to be seen I think. They want to perform, create, and constantly share. Use tonight to put on a family show! Each member decides on something they’re going to share! Could be…

Talents (sing! dance! gymnastics! read! magic! juggle!)

Art and crafts: each family member chooses another family to create for, or just create something on their own, then put it on display in your home and walk by them like an art show!

Other ideas could be science, Lego building, or music- family band!

Family Choice

Another one of our favorite date night ideas is family choice! Family choice means that every member of the family gets to choose something they want to do and we all do it. For date night in, break the night up into parts- before dinner, dinner, dessert, after dinner, etc. Then give each family member (or put names in a hat and draw) a part of the night. Then its up to them to decide what to do or what to eat! For instance, if Evie got dinner, it would be her choice on what we have for dinner that night.

Control freak hesitations? Yep. Guilty too. It can be really hard to give up total control over parts of the night but its also kind of fun too. It’s fun to see what they choose also, and it could be really interesting to get a little insight into new likes and interests of theirs. Just give in and let them have control. Totally worth the smile on their face when it’s their turn!

Fancy Family Restaurant 

This idea was inspired by my sweet husband. When we were 16 (yes, we’re high school sweethearts!) he transformed his parents house into an Italian restaurant, Lovers Bistro. ?

He served spaghetti, Cesar salad, garlic bread, chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling cider. Is that not adorable?

So, take a note from his book, and turn your house into a fancy restaurant! Make a meal that everyone will love, set a pretty table with candles and nice dishes, and have everyone dress up! Let them wear dress up clothes or their Christmas dress to dinner. Not going to hurt anything and will make it that more special!

Another take on this…inspired by Queen Fancy Nancy…get dressed in the fancy clothes and GO OUT! It’ll be totally silly and somewhat embarrassing but it’ll be a night they’ll totally remember. Princess dresses and burgers? What could be better!

I hope these ideas gave you some new inspiration when it comes to your family date night this year! Take a day to enjoy some quality time with your people and show them how much you love them with the connection and intentionality you bring.

If you like one of these ideas, or if you do one, please share! Leave a comment below on which one sparks your interest the most so I can cheer you on and brainstorm what else you could do more snacks, treats, or dinner!

Happy Valentine’s Day, mama!




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