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Princess Evie’s 4th Birthday Party: PART 1

July 25, 2017

My husband, Ryan, and I were in Napa Valley for my best friend’s wedding when I found out I was pregnant with Evie.  We were over the moon…and a little in shock when we looked at the positive pregnancy test. I was instantly in love and started dreaming about our future.  Fast forward a couple […]

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My husband, Ryan, and I were in Napa Valley for my best friend’s wedding when I found out I was pregnant with Evie.  We were over the moon…and a little in shock when we looked at the positive pregnancy test. I was instantly in love and started dreaming about our future.  Fast forward a couple months, and there we were sitting in the ultrasound room on pins and needles waiting to for our little one to show us if it was a boy or girl. Finally, our peanut cooperated and one of my major dreams in life came true…

I was going to be the mama of a little girl!

On July 14, 2013, I met my best friend, Evelyn, and I have been head over heels ever since!

Evie’s Princess Party Prep

One of those fantasies you have when you find out you are going to have a daughter is the stage in life where they become princess obsessed.  That was Evie at 3. She loves everything fancy, Sofia the First is her bestie, and Disneyland is her heaven. I was beyond excited that we were at the princess stage. That meant I was able to plan an over the top royal celebration for my little princess.  Our backyard would be an explosion of pink, gold glitter, shiny jewels, dresses, sugar, and of course…princesses!

The Invites

Could these have turned out any cuter?  Palm to Pine Design on Etsy designed and printed the white star invitation for me, and I cut out the pink and gold glitter stars on my Cricut.

  • Print/cut your 3 different sized stars
    • White star: 5 inches
    • Pink: 5.5 inches
    • Gold glitter star: 6.5 inches
  • Hot glue the 3 papers together (only thing that sticks to that glitter paper!)
  • Hot glued the stars onto a wood dowel from the craft store.
  • Tie a couple strands of think light pink, dark pink, and gold ribbon to the dowel-gives it a little touch of fancy!

This was the first party we have done where we have only invited Evie’s friends, as opposed to our whole families, so it was easy enough to pass them out in person.  I did have to mail two wands, and the only hassle was having to cut the dowel a bit to get it to fit into a manilla envelope. The kids that received these loved them, and I am thrilled with how they turned out! Links to purchase supplies, as well as links to other princess themed invitations to purchase (I know not everyone is a DIYer, mama!) are in the Princess Party Plan!

Just a Touch of Disney

Ready to Host A Royal Celebration? Click to Get a Princess Party Plan!

I wanted this party to involve the princesses Evie knows and loves, but I didn’t want it to be too charactery.  I found these templates from Reiko Handcrafted, converted them to a png (Google it-easy!), uploaded them to my Cricut (affiliate link) and went to town! If you do not have a Cricut to cut these out, you can totally print them out on colored cardstock and cut.  They are big enough and there is nothing intricate so you could easily bust them out watching The Bachelorette one night. I am completely obsessed with these dresses.  Yes, they took some time, but everything was easy, and in person they are even cuter.  If you are having a princess party-this banner is a MUST! Download the templates here!

A Royal Backdrop

Once the tablecloths are completely fringed, its time to brush off those middle school sleepover braiding skills and get to work.  Take one slit of the fringe and braid the tablecloths together (light pink, dark pink, gold). Go as far down as you want, I braided maybe 4 or 5 times per fringe chunk.  Doesn’t it look super royal?? I was amazed!

Ta da…!  Can you believe it?  I couldn’t! I was super impressed at how easy this backdrop was…yet it makes such an impact!  This can be a backdrop for your dessert table (which I did), or a fun backdrop for a photo booth!

More ideas for backdrops, as well as links to purchase supplies are outlined inside of the Princess Party Plan.  I also have options for ones ready to go and already made to save you some time!

The Favors

Oh the things you can do with a white paper bag.  I wanted the kids to have a bag of princess accessories to wear during the party.  I used cardstock, glitter cardstock, tulle, and hot glue to make a princess silhouette and dress. Then, I filled the bags with accessories, added tissue paper to make them look like gifts, and a personalized gift tag for each prince and princess.  

Links to purchase all of the favor accessories, as well as dress up items, other favor ideas, favor tags and thank you notes are all included in the Princess Party Plan!

Ready to Host A Royal Celebration? Click to Get a Princess Party Plan!

Head on over to PART 2, where I show you how all these projects came together on party day!  You won’t want to miss Evie’s face when she sees two special guests walk into the party!

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  1. […] exceeded even my expectations!  I used the easy tablecloth backdrop (I explained how I made it in Part 1) to close off the gaps between the pillars behind the table, and to block out most of the tv.  For […]

  2. Bri Adams says:

    What a wonderful thing for a momma to create a magical moment for her little girl! My daughter was 4 when we did a princess party. I’m not a fan of characters so I love how you classed it up using the suggestion of Disney princesses without being in your face about it. I think we would be friends!!

    • Thank you so much, Bri! How fun that you did a princess party for 4 too! Yes the character thing is so hard when thats what they love…but I figured surprising her with Rapunzel and Snow White and the dress banner was character enough haha! We should be friends! XO

  3. Aubrey says:

    Beautiful party! I would love to use the princess dress template, but it is a PDF and my cricut won’t open it. Did you save it as a different format for it to work? Thanks so much!

    • Allison Carter says:

      Now that you ask this, I think I did convert them to a png then to my cricut! Google convert pdf to png and a download thing should come up! Updating the blog post, thank you for your question!

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