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Busy Mom’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving This Summer Break


Picture this. It’s the last day of school, the kids are finally home for the summer! No schedules, no early mornings, no fighting to get dressed or packing lunches. But, you and I both know those blissful mornings last a good couple days. Then the siblings rivalry, too much screen time and “I’m bored” becomes your kid’s favorite phrase. Instant survival mode.

Mama, I got you. I’ve created the Busy Mom’s Ultimate Guide to Surviving and Thriving This Summer Break!

I get it. I want all the cherished memories that summer offers. Remember, we get 18 summers with our babies at home. Heartbreaking. But I also want to ENJOY those summers…while having some time to myself to get what I need to get done! I want simple ideas for easy to execute activities, treats, and memory making experiences. I want choices to give my kids when they tell me they’re bored. I want a summer dinner meal plan so I don’t have to think about dinner. Heaven.

All of that and MORE is included in your guide! 

Download your guide now and pat yourself on the back for choosing to ENJOY this summer with your kids…rather than just get by on a hope and a prayer.




I’ve thought of everything I wanted to do with my kids this summer and put it all in this easy to download and access guide! As a busy working from home mom, I need to go into summer with a clear plan of action. This guide is that plan. Easy, fun, and affordable. Check, check, check!

Your Busy Mom’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving This Summer Break Includes…

  • Prepare yourself…Summer is Coming (prep ideas for easing into a new routine!)
  • Family Summer Bucket List
  • Summer Eats: snacks, easy dinners with meal plans, treats, cocktails
  • Summer Tabletop
  • Real Moms Summer Camp aka Summer EASY Activity Guide
    • Water Fun
    • Let’s Get Messy
    • Bubble Time
    • Hit the Books
    • 1, 2, 3 Math Spree
    • Summer Scientists
    • Let’s Get Crafty
    • I’m Bored…
    • Ready, Set, Get Your Energy Out!

Everything is busy mom-approved and mostly uses supplies you already have lying around at home. Simple, affordable, FUN activities, treats, and memory making experiences for the whole family to survive and thrive this summer break!

You’re ready, mama! You are going to CRUSH the mom game this summer!