Easter Traditions Guide and Printable Egg Hunts



As moms, we want to give our families magical moments they’ll remember forever, especially when it comes to holidays.

But the thought of planning those experiences, thinking of cute treat and activities guides, and starting family traditions can be super overwhelming.

This guide is your answer. It’s your secret weapon for crushing the mom game when it comes to celebrating this Easter!

This Easter Traditions Guide outlines all those things we want to do to celebrate Easter, but think they’re just for Pinterest moms. We’re much more in the Amazon Prime mom camp right? Wrong! You can be both, because this guide saves you the time and energy most Pinterest moms waste scrolling and prepping.

This guide comes with a free gift! My 3 printable Easter Egg Hunts (a letter hunt, a coupon hunt, and a scavenger hunt with clues) that are totally fun and unique!

The work is done for you so all you need to do is put your focus back on the fun.

Happy Easter, mama! Enjoy this holiday with your loved ones!

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There’s a bunny coming to town, and you know what that means! Easter is hopping in!

Imagine your perfect Easter.

You’ve got some cute decor around your house, the Easter baskets and shopped for and prepped ahead of time, you’ve got your hunt ready to roll, the menu plan is set and your guests know what they’re bringing, and all you need to worry about is whether or not your kid is going to look at the camera for one family photo.

Sounds pretty perfect right?

This Easter Traditions Guide gives you everything you need to make that a reality and more. It outlines the holiday for you, giving you everything you need in one spot- a convenient download you can access from your computer or phone. Download your guides and feel that overwhelm hop away and start getting excited about celebrating Easter with your loved ones!

This Easter Traditions Guide Includes:

  • Easter inspiration
  • Decoration ideas
    • DIY tutorials
    • Links to purchase
  • Links to purchase tabletop items
  • Brunch and dinner menu plans
  • Treat ideas
    • DIY tutorials
    • Recipes
  • Ideas for decorating Easter eggs
  • Themed Easter basket ideas
  • Printable Easter egg hunt activities (free gift!)
  • Easter crafts and keepsakes
  • Easter family traditions

This guide comes with my 3 printable Easter Egg Hunt activities! They are 3 fully thought out activities (planned for various ages and skills). All the thinking is done for you, so you just get to print and have fun watching your kids go on a unique and super fun hunt!