Holiday memories and traditions, prepped for you, and delivered straight to your door.


Memories in Moments

The number one thing I hear from my tribe when it comes to celebrating holidays and life's special occasions? Time. Next thing? Guilt over not doing anything intentional and fun.

Memories in Moments: Unwrapped checks off those two stressors for you. When you subscribe, you're saving the time spent Pinteresting ideas, buying supplies, and usually leaving things to the last minute. All the things you need to celebrate are included in your subscription, giving you the freedom to spend quality time with your family, making intentional memories, and guess what? I'll even let you take all the credit...rockstar mom, here you come! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Memories in Moments: Unwrapped is a holiday themed box of beautifully curated DIY decor, crafts, activities, tabletop supplies, recipes, and more...all addressed to your kiddos and delivered straight to your door!

Busy Mom Life Bestie!

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Time to celebrate! You've got this, mama!

Take ALL Celebrations for 2020 off your plate!

How it Works

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Choose How Many Kids

Memories in Moments: Unwrapped comes with pre-portioned supplies ready to roll! To ensure each child in your family has their own (no time for drama here, amiright?), be sure to tell me how many kids you have! If you have an only child, choose the 2 kid box and have fun with a friend!

Choose How Often

Memories in Moments: Unwrapped is a 2, 6 month, OR yearly subscription. One month your family gets a full holiday themed box, and the next month, a smaller occasion themed activity pack! You can receive your Unwrapped activities every 2 months or choose the most valuable option, a years worth of celebrations planned for you!

Time to Celebrate!

Sit back, relax, and know that your family is going to make tons of fun and special memories together this year...and you didn't have to think or prep a dang thing! Virtual high fives all around, mama! Your box or activity pack will arrive addressed to your kids at the beginning of each month!

Heck to the yes, sign me up, sister!

So....What Does The Membership Include?

Check holidays and celebrations off your list for 2020, mama! Each month, a special package addressed to your kids will arrive at your door full of memory making activities for you to enjoy with your family. Subscriptions start in January so these make the perfect gift this Christmas!

Your subscription is bimonthly, 6 months, or yearly- you choose what's best! That means one month you will get a full Memories in Moments: Unwrapped holiday box and the next month, you'll receive a smaller themed activity pack. Both come with a digital guide full of even more easy and fun themed ideas to have fun with throughout the month!  

Your Yearly Subscription Includes...

 Full Size Memories in moments: Unwrapped Boxes

These holiday/special occasion themed full-size Unwrapped boxes are filled with DIY decor, crafts, activities, cute paper plates, napkins, straws, etc. to celebrate major holidays with your family! 


Boxes will ship the first week of the month: February, April, June, August, October and December

2020 box themes are...

February: Valentines Day
April: Easter
June: Summer Break Survival
August: a Members Only Exclusive!
October: Halloween
December: Winter/Christmas

 Memories in moments: Unwrapped Activity Packs

Memories in Moments: Unwrapped Activity Packs are smaller deliveries to help celebrate a season, milestone or occasion that month. These are meant to be little touch points for guaranteed quality family time that month. Each pack also has a digital celebration guide that will download at the first of the month with more easy and fun themed ideas!

Packs will ship the first week of the month: January, March, May, July, September and November


2020 activity pack themes are...

January: Dream Big for 2020
March: Celebrate Spring
May: Summer Berries
July: 4th of July
September: Fall in Love with Fall
November: Thanksgiving 

12 Digital Celebration Guides

Sometimes we just need someone to do some thinking for us! Our brains are fried by the time the weekend rolls around and the last thing we want to do is think of ways to entertain our tiny humans. Enter the digital celebration guides! These digital downloads are your ticket to easy, fun and engaging activities! Themed recipes, crafts, activities, games and more await you inside your guides! These will download automatically at the beginning of each month and will be in the theme of the box or activity pack on it's way to you!


Time and energy...priceless!

Hours of time saved thinking of new ideas, shopping for supplies and not waiting till the last minute to celebrate!

Priceless memories and guaranteed quality time spent together celebrating as a family.

Zero moments of guilt for not having the time or energy to sit down and do something fun with your family for special holidays and occasions.

Does it really get better than that? Think of the weight that is going to be lifted once you push that subscribe button! This is such a big thing to take off your plate. I'm so happy for you!


2+ Time Saving Party Plans

Whhhhatttt?? You're telling me my kids' birthday parties are also included in this subscription? Yes, I am!

Party plans are 20+ page themed downloads that outline your whole party, start to finish, giving you links to purchase everything you need. Links to invites, decor, outfit options, menu plans, dessert table how to's, activities, favors that aren't junk, AND a weekly checklist telling you exactly when and what to do each month to save even more time and stress! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

*Party plans are included for 6 months and yearly subscribers only


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Billing options include: 2 month, 6 months, or yearly (the best value)!

This includes FREE SHIPPING each month and a special surprise for subscriber kiddos only!

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Memories Made

What's in the boxes?

What age is this best for?

You know your child best but boxes are best for ages 3-10. Under 3 will definitely need some more guidance!

COuldn't I Just go to target?

Do I need to be crafty?

Each holiday box comes with completely different DIY decor, crafts and supplies, activities, recipe cards, themed table items, and a digital copy of my holiday celebration guide for that month's holiday.

You could...but do you want to go to Target when you don't have to during the holidays? I am Target Dollar Spot's biggest fan, but when it comes to the holidays...I'm looking for something a little more special. I curate these boxes so they're filled with unique decor, craft, activities, and tabletop items that you won't find anywhere and will love seeing in your home year after year. 

Girl, no! That's the best part! I design each craft and activity idea with the busy mom in mind. They are not super involved, time-consuming or skill-based activities. Just simple ideas brought to life with the materials in your box with the focus being on spending quality time together!

What's in the Digital
Holiday Celebration Guides?

The Holiday Celebration is my signature resource when it comes to saving time and energy celebrating the holidays. It is a full guide, jam-packed with ideas for holiday decor, crafts, activities, treat ideas, traditions, ways to give back, etc. Everything you need to celebrate the holidays, all thought out for you, with links to purchase any extra supplies you may need. Every month, your guide will automatically download for you to enjoy!

Common Questions

What's in the Activity Packs?

Each bimonthly activity pack comes with 1-2 smaller Unwrapped activities to celebrate a season, milestone or occasion that month. These are meant to be little touch points for guaranteed quality family time that month. Each pack also has a digital guide for even more fun and easy ideas to celebrate!

Why is my Subscription for 2 months vs 1?

We keep talking about time. I think getting a full holiday/occasion themed box every single month could be overwhelming. This is why I chose to pair boxes with an activity pack the following month. I want you and your kids to be able to experience both the full holiday box and the smaller activity pack and the value they both hold, which is why I chose to price them as a bundle for a bi-monthly subscription.

Can I just buy the boxes?

Yep! Full size Memories in Moments: Unwrapped Boxes will be available to purchase on my site for each holiday! They will be more expensive than they are for members however. The yearly membership is the best value when it comes to pricing and time saved each month, especially with the added bonus of party plans being included!

When Do My Unwrapped goodies ship?

Each box or activity pack will ship at the beginning of each month to ensure maximum celebration time! Bimonthly subscribers will get billed on the 12th of the month.

I'm in! Subscribe now!

My 3 & 5 year old girls had a blast with this box! Not just the physical items within the box, but the AMAZING craft and baking ideas in the digital party plan thatโ€™s included with purchase. I think we did 7 screen-free, fun activities from our Unwrapped Box, and barely scratched the surface of all the resources it provides. Great product! Will buy again! 

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My kids, 9 and 4, loved making the frames! As an underbuyer, I typically *think* about doing a craft, buy nearly all of the supplies, then quit before I get everything because I don't want to spend any more money (or go to any more stores!). Silly, but true. Was so nice to only have to hit "purchase" once and get a couple hours of entertainment for my kids! And nothing extra to store all year -- win! 

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My kids loved getting this special box at the door filled with fun things to do as a family. I swear the opening of the box was the most exciting part since my kids (5 and 8) never get mail! They tore open the box and was so excited to be able to get to crafting right away! As a busy mom who is also not crafty, things like this are always hard for me to make myself. So much so, that it just never happens and I feel bad that my kids and I don't have these special moments. The fact that this box showed up ready as a gift for the kids and we had all we needed to open up and have a fun evening together was amazing. And it took no mental energy from me which I so appreciated. It was beautiful, thoughtful and high quality crafts that my kids loved! Even my 8 year old who likes to make people think he is too cool for things like this loved it! If you are a busy mom and want the memories without the hassle of coordination, then this box is a steal of a deal! All the smiles and memories with none of the planning! 

My kids loved this box! Iโ€™m not always the most motivated with holiday activities, so having it all there for me made me so much more willing to get into the spirit with them and make it fun! It felt like more quality time together, since I never felt the stress of having to gather all the supplies and make it happen. 

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