5 Easy Valentine’s Day Treats to Make With Your Kids This Year!


February 5, 2019

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make some delicious and adorable sweet treats with your kids. And you may know this about me already, but if not, I’m not a baker. It’s not something I enjoy because I often can’t bake anything that turns out like the picture and that really bothers me. Because of that, I’m always looking for ideas to keep it nice and easy on myself!

I’ve gathered my 5 favorite Valentine’s Day treats that my kids loved helping me make, and loved eating even more! These ideas are great for a fun lunchbox surprise, for a Valentine’s Day family dinner treat, a classroom party, or just a snow day when you’re cooped inside and need a time killer (this is currently us ?☃️). 

Frosted Heart Rice Crispy Treats

Rice crispy treats are the gift to mamas that don’t love baking. Anyone can make them, and they will be delicious every time. My daughter, Evie, and I made a big batch of rice crispies and then cut them into hearts using a heart shaped cookie cutter. I made a batch of buttercream frosting, or you can do store bought, and I let her decorate the treats with frosting and Valentine sprinkles. She loved going to town and jazzing them up! I thought they would make cute little pops, so I found some heart lollipop sticks at the craft store and stuck them in the bottom. Totally optional of course!

To see a full run down on how we made these, and get links to purchase the cookie cutters, sprinkles, and other supplies, head on over to the full heart rice crispy blog post!

Heart Shaped Cupcakes

Okay…I almost didn’t add these to the list, because they were a TOTAL Pinterest fail. Have you see the viral pin that’s been shared for years about using a marble to make heart shaped cupcakes? I decided it looked easy enough (my first mistake) and gave them a go. As you can see…I filled the liners way too full (second mistake). For this to semi-work and for you to get actual heart shaped cupcakes, you need to fill them less than halfway. Barely a third probably. Once they came out of the oven and I could see what an epic fail they were, I tried to cut the tops off with a serrated knife. That somewhat helped and I was able to get a bit more of a heart shape. 

At this point, I knew they were going to be a disaster so what usually salvages baked goods? Sprinkles. Evie thought it was the COOLEST thing in the world to punch a hole out of a cupcake and fill it with sprinkles. And, it was a pretty fun surprise to have the sprinkles spill out when you took a bite!

At the end of the day, I am glad I made these. It was a super fun things to do with the kids, and they could have cared less what they looked like. Evie was amazed that we made heart cupcakes, and we made some fun memories together! BUT, if you are going to make these for a party and really want them to be a heart shape..,just be warned that it may not be as easy as Pinterest makes it out to be…shocker! Still fun and festive though, and that’s what matters!

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Valentine’s Day Candy Cookie Cake

How ADORABLE is this candy cookie cake?! My friend Nicole, with Palm to Pine Design, hosted a darling Valentine’s Day party play-date for our kids. They decorated Valentine cards and even made their mamas Valentine coffee cups as a little love gift! She made some delicious desserts also because unlike me, she loves baking and everything she makes always turns out perfect! 

This cookie cake was one of those wins! She got store bought sugar cookie dough, rolled it out, and then cut it into two hearts. Those got baked off and she made buttercream frosting. Once the hearts are cooled, make dollops of frosting on the hearts. One layer gets frosting only, and the other layer gets decorated!! Go wild with the Valentine’s Day candy for this one! The bulk aisle of the grocery store is definitely your friend. This is the perfect activity for your kids to help with also. In fact, Nicole’s two year old son was responsible for most of the candy placements on this cake! Hello! If he can do it…that gives me hope. Once you finish the top layer, stack it on top of the just frosted layer and you’ve got a cookie cake! SO CUTE!

This would be a total show stopper for a fun Valentine’s Day dinner, play date, or classroom party (if they allow homemade items). You can also have kids decorate individual sugar cookies in this way for something smaller!

Pink Cupid Italian Sodas

Kids love a bar set up treat. Meaning, a treat that also doubles as an activity of sorts. Like the cookie cake or the rice crispy treat decorating. This Italian Soda bar is another chance for your kiddo to get involved in making their treat! Have some sparkling water, different syrups (raspberry and strawberry are great!), and some half and half or whole milk. Add some syrup and half and half to the sparkling water, be amazed as it turns pink, and then give it some extra special love by adding some fun Valentine’s Day candies and whipped cream on top! Adding a cute heart shaped lollipop to the top will score you major mom points also!

This Italian bar set up was from the Valentine’s Day party hosted by Nicole at Palm to Pine Design!

Valentine M&M Cookies

One of the easiest ways to bring Valentine’s to your treat is to use themed candy. These Valentine colored M&Ms transform your cookies into something extra special, This is a super easy hack for any holiday actually! Make your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough recipe, and either sub or add M&Ms to the chocolate chips. We did both because…chocolate. Another easy mom tip is to double the batch of cookies and freeze the dough balls. This way I don’t have 24 cookies that we don’t need to eat all at once but because they are on the counter they get eaten, and I can have a fresh cookie whenever I feel like it. And let’s be real…frozen cookie dough is the perfect compliment to your glass of wine at the end of a long day, amiright?

It’s Not Valentine’s Day Without Chocolates!

Okay, I’m sneaking one more treat idea into this list, but this is one you are going to treat yourself with rather than make! Rosebud Chocolates makes delicious and beautiful chocolate treats! They are a California based mom and daughter team with a knack for creating speciality chocolates in a variety of different shapes and flavors! They generously gifted me some Valentine love letter themed chocolates and they were such a decadent treat! I brought them as favors for both the kids and mamas at the Valentine’s Day party, and everyone was thrilled! The chocolate dipped Oreos were beyond amazing. Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day, mama. Grab yourself some specialty chocolate and find a spot to eat it alone! You deserve it after all that rockstar baking and sugar high parenting you just did! 

Happy treat making, mama! Remember, none of these treats need to be perfect. They are meant to be a fun experience and sweet treat for you and your family. Make those memories with your kids, and who knows, maybe one of these treats will become a Valentine’s Day tradition and something you all look forward to making each year!

If you loved these ideas, and are looking for more ways to up your Valentine’s Day game this year, check out Episode 22 of the Memories in Moments podcast! I am talking all about my favorite ideas and traditions for celebrating Valentine’s Day in an easy, affordable, and memorable way with your families this year! 

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