How to Plan a Virtual Bridal Shower During Quarantine

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Brides. Ah my heart breaks for the brides that are having to cancel, postpone and change their dream days. Weddings are such a massive milestone in your life, and one that you dream of experiencing. All of us can’t wait for “our turn.” When we are constantly showing up for our friends at their showers, bachelorettes, events and wedding, and now it’s finally our turn to shine and…Coronavirus happens. Quarantine. Social distancing.

How can we make these moments important, special and make the bride feel celebrated, when we can’t actually be there to celebrate with her?

I’m personally experiencing this in real time. My little sister is getting married and we were supposed to be living our best lives wine tasting in a gorgeous wine country home in Napa mid April. Obviously that didn’t happen and it was incredibly disappointing for all.

Virtual bachelorette it is!

I recently contributed to an article on Real Simple about planning a virtual bridal shower! I’m going to share a few of my tips on this post, then you can check the rest out over there!

Prepping for Your Shower

The biggest piece of advice I have for planning your virtual shower is to try and create consistency for the guests attending. What is something that you can prepare or send to all guests ahead of time to make it cohesive?


Take a picture of a backdrop you choose (make a fringe backdrop, an ombre paper chain, or purchase a banner or garland from a small business party decor designer) and send it to guests ahead of time.

They can upload this picture (or use the ones below!) as their virtual background in video conferencing apps like Zoom so it all looks like you are in the same room!

Tips on planning and hosting a special and unique virtual bridal shower while social distancing and in quarantine due to Coronavirus.

You can find even more backgrounds done for you on Canva in their new background template section!

Happy Hour

Consistency with food/drink is another way to achieve this. Send guests a recipe card of a signature cocktail for the bride! They can have the cocktail ready and be enjoying it during the shower.

If you’re local to most guests, you can also drop off a cupcake or individual dessert from a local baker, on doorsteps to be eaten once all together.

Bridal Shower Gifts

A shower is one of those moments a bride looks forward to once she starts wedding planning, and it’s so disappointing for it to be cancelled. This is the time to really make that bride feel special. 

Email guests ahead of time and gather their hopes, dreams, wishes for the couple and turn those sentiments into a piece of art for the couple’s new home! You can find many print designers on Etsy that will do this for you, or create your own graphic and get it printed at a print shop and frame it!

Deliver this to the bride so she can open it when everyone is watching! 

A favorite date night book (definitely include some at home date night ideas!) where all guests contribute their favorite creative ideas would also be a really thoughtful and fun gift to send ahead of time to be opened during the shower.

Click the pic to send this date night box and cards to your bride!

Read more tips for hosting a virtual bridal shower over at Real Simple!

Use a Party Plan!

Party Plans are lifesavers when it comes to planning a shower in general, but even more so for virtual because you can pick and choose exactly what you want to do, the digitally send a lot of different things to guest! Tons of decor, printables, games, activities and more can all be found digitally in your Party Plan!

Shop all Bridal Shower Party Plans or request a custom theme that I can create to make your bride’s day extra special!

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  1. Kate says:

    Hi! Do you have any tips on what to send along with the invite? I am struggling with how to make my sister’s shower special during distancing. We are giving the option to attend or join virtually and I want her to feel special and enjoy her shower!

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