the 8 week program proven to transform YOU into your ideal audience's obsession

8 weeks in Brand Magnet Accelerator will amplify your visibility and digital footprint, give you attention-grabbing and reusable content, and expose you to endless opportunities with your circle of influence.


the brand magnet accelerator


An exclusive + intimate 8-week live group program teaching you how to accelerate your visibility by establishing your brand identity, creating content that connects, and implementing it effectively for a well-rounded, money-making business you love and have a blast building!

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Without a strong branding foundation, even the most well-intentioned visibility efforts will be stalled... or even crumble.

In this primary pillar of BMA, we focus on understanding your brand identity (aka your unique position in the market)—who you are, how you serve effectively, and how it all pairs together to intrigue, capture, and benefit your audience.

From there, we'll optimize your platforms and your systems to prepare your online presence for all of the new exposure it'll have SO soon as we work together over the following weeks.

the branding foundations

the content strategy

Ever created a Reel that you thought was epic just to have it die a real fast death hours after you post it? Been there.

In this phase of BMA, we'll curate content that showcases your distinction, your credibility, and your expertise all for the purpose of connecting with your audience... and therefore, converting them.

From there, I'll teach you how to 10x its reach across multiple platforms. I'm talking 1 piece of content performing successfully/generating sales in at least 5 different corners of the internet.

what to expect from Brand Magnet accelerator:

the fast win media features

By week 6, it'll be time to get your bigger visibility feet wet. I'll help you extract strategic topics and stories and successfully pitch them to low-hanging fruit media outlets. Starting to win those first step features are the necessary starting point to landing the big dogs.

I'll also teach you the relationship-building strategy I've used to expand my network and create connections with editors and producers from major media outlets and publishing houses like Martha Stewart, Real Simple and Forbes.

the support system

This is a done WITH you program. Every Monday you'll find a recorded lesson plus thought-provoking take-home work and content prompts in your email inbox (with lifetime access!). You will also have access to a Slack channel, monthly Q+A calls, plus a personal pitch audit from yours truly. It's all intentionally designed to support your success from every angle.

Weeks 6-8

You’ve got your digital presence optimized, you have your it’s time to put gas on the fire and get some low hanging fruit pitches secured. Getting in front of other people’s audiences, serving them SO dang well, and to converting them into YOUR audience is the goal here.

Discover what content ideas make the best pitches by:
  • learning how to narrow down your story ideas
  • choosing what pitches are best for what platform + audience

Determine who you should pitch to by:
  • evaluating your current audience and network to pitch for features and collaborations
  • using my proven relationship-building techniques 

Learn how to write and send pitches that'll get accepted by:
  • incorporating ready-to-go pitching templates
  • Receiving an audit from me on one of your pitches

Weeks 3-5

We are going to nail your content strategy to amplify your visibility and connection with your audience. Content repurposing is key here.

Brain dump a quarter's worth of content by combing through every area: reach, connection, and conversion (it'll be a repeatable process!)
  • long-form vs. short-form content
  • spoken vs. written content
  • past content to breathe new life Into
  • content calendars and lists for you based on industry/niche

Work through my signature Content Repurposing Roadmap for amplified visibility firing on all cylinders, hitting different platforms + audiences through different learning styles 
We'll clean up your brand identity to set you up for max conversions on your incoming influx of visibility. The last thing we want is traffic to bounce- we want traffic to STICK. 

Optimize your chosen platforms for conversions

  • website homepage
  • about me page
  • email opt-in’s
  • welcome sequence
  • social media bios
  • Instagram page: bio, pinned posts, highlights, links

Solidify your content pillars—personal + business expertise/product
  • Figure out your messaging—what you're selling and how to sell it with the support of expert buckets and brand builders.

Weeks 1-2

the 8-week agenda

for reach, connection and conversions that’s easily repurposable

for optimizing your digital presence to prep for your soon-to-be expanded audience

the get-to-do list:

the branding foundations

the content strategy

the get-to-do list:

the fast win
media features

to amplify visibility within your immediate circle of influence

the get-to-do list:

i'm in for this summer!

summer can't come soon enough!

i'm ready to be a brand magnet!



love notes from past clients 

There have been a few people in my life who I feel like came in at the right time and right place and you are one of them. Ideas and inspiration flow through you (and you have an endless supply of both)...You’re not afraid to tell it like it is, but you never make me feel like I’m doing something wrong. I always want more after I’ve talked to you. You make me feel like anything is possible!


"When you’re talking to me about my business I feel like you SEE me. You’re not just giving me blanket advice as a business owner. It’s personal to me."

your BMA support system

Weekly recorded lessons dropped to your inbox (lifetime access!)

Interactive take-home work and helpful checklists to keep you on track

Content calendars curated for your specific industry each week that are repurposeable across platforms

2 Q+A calls for the whole cohort (plus replays!)

A poppin' and exclusive Slack channel for support, encouragement, + laughs

My proprietary Allison Carter Celebrates Pitching Templates proven to boost your success with major media outlets, podcasts, and gift guides

One pitch audit + feedback from me before you send it!

This ain't another run-of-the-mill DIY course.


Hi, I'm your new fun biz bestie!

allison carter

CEO of Allison Carter Celebrates

visibility + personal branding coach, enneagram 7, girls girl

I spend my days supporting small businesses to scale and generate massive visibility (and #credibility) through proven personal branding and PR strategies.

Your content and brand are way too epic to stay hidden...don't you agree?

My brain fires at rapid speed—it's been wired and conditioned to produce creative and relatable content for business owners (like you) to offer their audience and various media outlets.

I've perfected the method for strategically splashing your stuff all over the internet in order to increase your sales and reduce your nose-to-the-grindstone (err 'gram) time.

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love notes from past clients 

You said If you’re bored with It, your audience Is also bored with it and it just like clicked in my brain and ever since I’ve been posting different types of videos and different podcast ideas and I’ve never gotten more people messaging me being like omg, I fucking love that video you did or I can’t wait to try that idea!”


"I’ve never gotten more people messaging me being like omg, I fucking love that video you did!”

big connection wins 

Establishing your brand foundation, curating connecting content, and learning how to successfully pitch to media outlets—they're all vital parts of running a business.

But somehow, they always fall to the bottom of your to-do list or receive half-hearted (yet well-intentioned) effort.

It may be for a lack of trying or it may be for a lack of knowledge—either way, I'm here to equip you with the inspiration and information necessary to generate tangible results.

Gone are the days of throwing up a random Reel to check of your content production box and only sending an email to your list when you realize you haven't for weeks or you have something to sell..."hey remember me!? 😳"

I've helped hundreds of small businesses get featured in media outlets BUT before I can promise you that...

Brand Magnet Accelerator is the first step. What you'll learn in this 8-week live + interactive group program is essential to securing those bigger media and visibility wins and converting the leads that new traffic will bring in.

Are you ready to confidently share your biz with the world?

You know that all of these things have to happen. But these are the aspects of your business that you do NOT prioritize. 

They fall to the bottom of your to-do list, you throw up a random Reel to check off your content box, and move on with no results.

It’s time to let me hold you accountable for checking them off and setting you up to hit your big visibility goals.

I have helped hundreds of small businesses get featured in media outlets BUT there are steps that need to be taken before that happens. 

Brand Magnet Acceletor is the first step. These brand foundations and content strategies have to be rock solid BEFORE pitching that dream outlet.

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