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One Piece of Content…Repurposed Over Five Different Ways

June 22, 2023

Are you repurposing the content you’re creating? Let’s start!

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One piece of content...repurposed

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Are you repurposing the content you’re creating? Let’s start!

Content repurposing is hands down the SMARTEST strategy we have as content creators! And…most of us aren’t doing it 🫣

ONE piece of content should lend itself to at least 5 diff platforms every single week (are you doing this?) to ensure our content grows and reaches people well beyond the social media high peak and crash after posting.

Let’s take this blog post for example:

1. I started with it being a Reel (you can see it here!)

2. I then broke it down and talked further about repurposing on my IG stories

3. Now I just turned that caption of that Reel into this blog (why write a whole new blog when I already wrote copy for this topic?! #worksmarter)

4. This blog was copy and pasted into an email to my email list of over 5,000 people

5. This blog will have at least 5-10 pins created for it to post on Pinterest

6. I’ll post that Reel on TikTok

7. If I was really going for it (and should) I’d post that blog as an article on LinkedIn

8. Lemon8 is still on my radar and I want to play with it this summer- I’d repurpose this strategy with a few images over there

One piece of content…5+ different ways to post it and get more traffic, reach and longevity from multiple sources…not just relying on ONE for all my traffic.

How Can You Get Started Repurposing?

Start with 3 platforms you are using that serve your audience. Most likely it’ll be…

  • the social media of your choice (TikTok or Instagram)
  • your email list
  • your blog

Create a piece of content for your social media. Then, copy and paste that caption into an email to send to your email list. Personalize it up a tad, add some flair, expand if needed, but the bulk of the teaching or serving is done. Then copy and paste that email onto your blog.

Boom- one piece of content out onto the internet in 3 different ways. Now, add another until you get one piece of content hitting 5 different platforms.

Head on over to Instagram and DM me the 3 platform you’re going to start repurposing on so I can cheer you on!

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