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Episode 54: You Are a F*cking Awesome Mom with Leslie Bruce

October 16, 2019

Best selling author and mom blogger, Leslie Bruce, is talking about what it means to be a f*cking awesome mom (spoiler alert- you already are one!), how not to get caught in the comparison trap and cotton candy filtered world of Instagram moms, and the importance of honoring where you are in your journey of […]

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Best selling author and mom blogger, Leslie Bruce, is talking about what it means to be a f*cking awesome mom (spoiler alert- you already are one!), how not to get caught in the comparison trap and cotton candy filtered world of Instagram moms, and the importance of honoring where you are in your journey of being a mom.

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Just in Case You Need a Reminder…You Are a F*cking AWESOME Mom!!

Laguna Beach mom, Leslie Bruce, is one of my FAVORITE mom bloggers and Instagram acounts to follow. She is an expert in hot mess momming, a journalist, a best selling author, and a contributor to many parenting webites like The Bump, Motherly, and the Today Show! She loves connecting with moms and sharing the real life of daily mothering, making moms all over the world feel like they aren’t alone in this crazy world.

Leslie’s blog, Unpacified, is an incredible resource for those moms craving connection and the realness of motherhood. She does a great job of sharing beautiful pictures while writing raw comments about what she’s dealing with at home with her two kids. She keeps it real and is the girlfriend you definitely want to go grab margaritas with after a hard day with your tiny humans…or partner! 

In this episode, Leslie and I are talking about what it means to be a f*cking awesome mom (spoiler alert- you already are one!), how not to get caught in the comparison trap and cotton candy filtered world of Instagram moms, and the importance of honoring where you are in your journey of being a mom.

This post contains affiliate links.  I promote products that I absolutely love and think you will love too, and some may result in me getting a small commission at no cost to you.

Leslie’s New Book: You Are a F*cking Awesome Mom

I was lucky to get an advanced copy of Leslie’s new book baby, You Are a F*cking Awesome Mom, to prepare for our chat, and I absolutely loved it. It was such a raw and entertaining read that left me with two thoughts. I completely related to almost everything Leslie wrote about. I found myself nodding my head, laughing hysterically, and commiserating with her experiences as a brand new mom. I ended the book feeling understood and “normal” while also thinking…”I’m SO glad that stage of my life is over!” ?

This book definitely isn’t a baby book, it’s totally a mama book. It’s a book meant to plan, prepare and connect with the feelings and events that are about to happen to you. We are usually always set on what needs to get done for baby- feeding, nursery, gear, etc. But we don’t get resources for what is going to happen to US as women. Because of this, it is so common for moms to feel discouraged, alone, or embarrassed of some of the things you are going to experience and feel when you become a mom. I WISH I had this book when I was pregnant and in the throes of being a new mother, and it’s definitely going to be my new go to baby shower gift!

Mom Tribe Life

Leslie has a couple different tribes, which I love. She’s got her baby group crew, that like me, she says is the best thing she did. It’s the people that get you the most. There is something magical about being friends with someone that has the same age kids as you. You can commiserate, stress, cry and celebrate about the same things and that is life-giving. 

She’s also got her girlfriends and her online social media tribe, which is also so amazing!

Pick up a copy (actually two so you can gift one!) of You Are a F*cking Awesome Mom!

Cotton Candy Instagram Mom vs Reality

I was so fortunate to hear Leslie speak at Alt Summit in March 2019 where she talked all about comparison and this Insta Mom phenomenon. This portrayal of motherhood is so unrealistic and damaging and is the last thing a new mom needs to see when she’s exhausted, covered in spit up and wondering if she actually likes being a mom. Leslie is so honest in her position on this. Those moms (and we all know the ones we’re talking about) are missing such an opportunity. This inauthentic story they’re telling is bullshit. The beautiful images are one thing, most of Instagram is filled with beautiful photos, but the chance to speak their truth is getting lost and its at such a disservice to their audience! Let’s make a pledge to pay attention to our BS meter and not let a picture perfect image get us down about ourselves!

Party Planning Tips

Leslie co-wrote Celebrate, with her friend, Lauren Conrad. I remember being SO excited when Celebrate came out because it was one of the first party/hosting books that I had found that wasn’t Martha Stewart. Leslie is incredibly creative and so talented when it comes to party planning so I couldn’t let her leave without picking her party planning brain!

1. Decide your budget and priority

What is the one thing you really want/need? Kids usually don’t care about food. They want to have fun, so Leslie puts an emphasis on entertainment for the kids. Characters or performers entertain/babysit the kids. 

2. Don’t be afraid of a DIY

Figure out what decor you want to do and then find a DIY you can do while watching TV at night. This is my jam. I love having a little craft to keep my hands busy. Also, don’t be afraid of spray paint! Find items at the Dollar Tree and spray them the color you need. Keep it simple and affordable. Party plans give you all the ideas and links to supplies for DIY decor also! 

3. Invest in a few core pieces

Big white frames, wood boards, cake stands, tiered stands, etc. Find things you’ll use 

4. Repurpose 

Keep your decor and reuse it! It saves money and stress because all you need to do is find it and pull it out!

Go Connect with Leslie and Say Hi!

Buy the Book: You Are a F*cking Awesome Mom


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