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Episode 55: How to Raise a CEO Kid with Leah Remillet

October 16, 2019

Leah Remillet, founder of The CEO Kid, is talking all about raising creative and problem solving CEO Kids! She calls them CEO Kids. Topics on today’s show include, what skills we should be teaching our kids to foster their creativity, how to encourage them the try new things and take risks, how to deal with […]

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Leah Remillet, founder of The CEO Kid, is talking all about raising creative and problem solving CEO Kids! She calls them CEO Kids. Topics on today’s show include, what skills we should be teaching our kids to foster their creativity, how to encourage them the try new things and take risks, how to deal with failure, and ultimately how to believe in themselves and their skills. 

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I am SO Excited for You to Meet Leah!

Leah, a mom of 3 and the founder of The CEO Kid, is the leader of her adventure family! They never know whats coming next or where they’re going next and they love that about themselves. They’re always up for something new and new experiences. How FUN is that? Leah has been a business strategist for years and business conversations are normal dinner conversation around the Remillet household.

Because of their adventuring ways, Leah decided to pull her kids out of school giving them the freedom to experience different places and things. When she decided to homeschool, she knew a business class would be included in her curriculum. It’s shocking to me that we don’t teach basic business and finance skills in school today. There are all these classes and useless knowledge for some reason, but almost zero tangible tips for life. I love when we can focus on raising adults not kids. We need to pass these life lessons onto our kids, especially in their creativity and confidence prime!

In this episode, Leah and I are talking all about CEO Kids. What skills we should be teaching them to foster their creativity, how to encourage them the try new things and take risks, and how to deal with failure, and ultimately how to believe in themselves and their skills. 

What is The CEO Kid?

The CEO Kid is an online course Leah created that teaches kids how to turn their big ideas into a business in 3 hours. After sitting down to teach the foundations of business with her kids, she quickly realized all kids needed this information and these tools. Parents can now offer this opporunity to their kids, and give the reins to Leah to teach them. She wants to help teach kids success principals that not only help kids build businesses, but shape how they grow as humans; principals like- hard work, integrity, service, creativity, honesty, etc.  You can try The CEO Kid at home, but Leah also helps teachers and schools these success principals and foundations as well. I would have LOVED to teach this to my former students, and would absolutely love to have my kids learn it at school!

Where Do We Start?

Having open and honest conversations about how these work in daily life. Leah talks about babysitting- what kinds of things that we want to pay for- being on phone, messy house, etc. OR is it worth it to have the house clean, playing with the kids the whole time, etc. Great convo for little kids to relate to.

Going into the store to the ice cream aisle is also great for helping kids identify who the customer is the company wants to talk about. Which ones are for kids? Which ones are for mommies? What about for group or lots of people?

Customer service? What kinds of experiences do we have with people that work places. How is the experience when the people are helpful, thoughtful, interested, etc. Eye contact? Asking questions? Being friendly? Kids can pick up on those qualities that they feel is important and apply that to how they want to act in life or in their businesses.

Teaching Kids About Failure

Mistakes and getting it wrong is part of the process. Leah includes lots of stories of failures in common businesses, like Walt Disney or the Wright Brothers, for kids to relate and connect to.

We also want to make sure we are teaching them to focus on effort and not the result. This starts with us celebrating that effort and acknowledging it. When we learn from it, it’s growth not a failure and thats a huge positive.

What Qualities do CEO Kids Have and How Can We Help Foster Them?

Creative problem solvers. Done and done. CEOs of major companies have said this over and over- they want creative problem solvers. Getting them to try things, be inspired, feel a little bit of success and accomplish, and get them to think creatively about problems are huge lessons we can help teach them and guide them in to set them up for their futures in the world.

Teaching Goal Setting

Goal setting always starts with the why- thats the thing that kids can focus on and see coming to life. One of Leah’s daughters whys for learning how to read was that she needed books that she was interested in. She found Harry Potter and to movitate her, they decided to have a family movie watching the movie from the book she just finished. She ended up loving Harry and looked forward to reading each day!

For her son, he had the goal of earning a new dirt bike, which he needed to pay for. He then had to figure out the steps needed to get there and reverse engineered his way there and at the time of the recording was only$40 away!

Get your kids to think about the things they want or things they want to accomplish, then help them really narrow down simple and tangible steps to take. Quick wins and then seeing movement toward the end goal is hugely motivating and makes them proud!

One of Leah’s daughters has an Etsy shop that she often sets goals for as well. It’s called Ellzie Couture if you want to check it out!

Go connect with Leah and Say Hi!

Website: The CEO Kid

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